Going online is tops among tweens

MORE TIME ONLINE -that's the word on tweens according to a July 2008 research study on online search and purchasing behaviour. The study found about 80% spend at least an hour online daily. This compares to 70% on TV for a similar time. Radio comes in a distant third at 30%, while magazines (10%) and newspapers (5%) are much less popular.

Tweens online behaviour
a. About 50% go online at least three times daily, and of these, close to 90% spend a minimum of half an hour online each time.

b.  60% visit social-network sites at least once a day.

c.  70% have a social-networking profile, with 50% on MySpace and at least 30% on Facebook.

d.  Blogs are less popular, with less than 40% reading blogs frequently or occasionally.

Online search
About 80% use Google compared to just 15% on Yahoo search. Parents should take note of their declining influence on clothes for their tweens as they grow older - more than a third of the tweens reported that online search results greatly influenced their decisions on what to buy especially clothes. 

At least 40% used it to gather more info about products/services about which they had seen an advertisement. Such information looked for included on where to purchase apparel offline, apparel brand names, best price for electronics, and help with home-furnishing purchases. 

The top product category searched for was apparel, defined as everyday/casual clothes, footwear and accessories. Next was electronics like MP3 players, videogaming systems and digital cameras, followed by home furnishings.


While businesses targeting tweens would be able to use these statistics to tailor their marketing strategies, these figures give parents an important insight into the influences that could mould their tweens' behaviour as they morph into teenagers.